SF Bay Area Pagan Information

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San Francisco Bay Area Pagan Information

My apologies to whoever reads this for letting this lapse so long between updates. For various reasons, I'm out of touch with the local scene including cyberspace. If anyone has information for me, please send it to the above e-mail address and I'll see about making this page more useful.

The following is a press release about an upcoming Reclaiming event I was asked to put here:

Event date ‹ 5/31/03
Contact George ‹ (415) 255-7623, quarterly@reclaiming.org

Reclaiming presents a Springtime


Join us at Springtime¹s peak for a night of magic and mystery, a night of
desire and dancing. Help
re-awaken hope and power in troubled times. Come in costume and you may be
crowned Faerie King or Queen. Or make a mask right at the Ball. Opening
ritual, dancing, silent auction. A benefit for Reclaiming Quarterly

Saturday, May 31, 2003

Women¹s Building, San Francisco
18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero

$15-25 sliding scale
Ticket includes faerie finger food and mask-making

Opening ritual 8-830pm
DJ Dancing (70s-00s)
Costume Contest to choose Fairie Queen & King
Authentic Fairie Photos
Silent Auction
Fairie finger food and beverages
No alcohol or drugs, please
A benefit for Reclaiming Quarterly, the magazine for Witchcraft and magical
Organized by Reclaiming, a Bay Area-based community of people working to
unify spiritual commitment and political action.

Contact George ‹ (415) 255-7623, quarterly@reclaiming.org

By the way, I've been looking hard for Contra Costa County pagan Web pages without a whole lot of luck. Please let me know if you run into any, while I've found enough new material to justify revising some of my pages, I have not found much in Contra Costa. If the person who sent me a pagan group listing for South Contra Costa will resend it, I'll try to remember to put it up.

5/1/2003: Checked for Contra Costa pagan / Wicca / OTO. The only listing I've found that seems current is The Contra Costa County Men's Group:Samildanach. If you're in Contra Costa, maybe they can refer you.

I'm sure that things aren't nearly as dead in the SF/East Bay area... Reclaiming is in San Francisco, of course. Other than that, my best suggestion is to hit Google or another big search engine and use the specific tradition you're looking for and your city as search terms, and if that doesn't work, try neighboring cities, if that doesn't work, broaden your tradition search, i.e. if you were looking for Alexandrian, try Wicca, and if that doesn't work, try pagan. If you're looking for OTO, OTO, they know where all their lodges and camps are, look them up on the site.

Lots of good pagan links at Witchvox, of course, more on my pagan information page.

The places in the Bay Area most likely to have easy to find pagan groups, of course, are SF and Berkeley.

This page was originally created in the very early days of the Web, when easy to use search engines covering everything just didn't exist, and when searching was something close to a black art. Now everyone knows how.

If anyone has especially good information, my mailing address is here, I'll be happy to link to anything that's interesting when I get around to it, but the days when I'll be updating this page are over, it really isn't needed anymore.

Since the following listing is several years old, most or all of it is obsolete. It's basically of historical interest... if any of the organizations mentioned here still exist, contact me at the above mailing address with your current Web address and I'll put you into the active information listing above.

Pagan store-Pacifica

We are a small family owned & operated coastal gift shop located on the second floor lobby of the Best Western Lighthouse Hotel in Pacifica, CA. We carry a small selection of Llewellyn books, Suns eye Oils, Crystal Journey Candles, Lost Mountain products ie.Pocket Totems, Gemstone Runes; The Mountain Organic Cotton T-shirts, Gemstone Carvings, Feng shui, Gem, mineral & crystal specimens & fossils, and one of a kind handcrafted jewelry by local artist Adrienne Uitermarkt (self), & many more affordable healing gift items. Granted, we are not the "norm" in hotel gift shops but have the snack & amenities as well. If you are in the area & would like to stop by..please do so. Blessed Be!

Adrienne Uitermarkt
Lighthouse Gift Shop
105 Rockaway Beach Ave.
Pacifica, CA 94044
10am-1pm 230-6pm Mon-Sat

Here's a new listing:
Witches of the World California pagan listings, individual, business, group. I suggest using the internal page search on your browser on the city that interests you to find what you're looking for.

Bay Area Pagan Assemblies.

When I find out which part, it'll get revised.

Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 19:55:17 CST
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Newsgroups: soc.religion.paganism
Subject: Re: Looking for Frisco Pagans
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[NOTE: I formatted and edited this page to make it more useful for SF Bay Area Web users. Any further comments added by me are bracketed as this is - A.Lizard]

Elizabeth Fox wrote:

Hello, I'm so glad to find this group, after looking at alt.pagan!I've been in the Craft for about ten years now - how the time has flown! - starting with Z Budapest's "Sunday's Women" and on to several circles in the East Bay's Spiral organization. Only one of those circles is still active. I'm looking for a circle in San Francisco - driving to the East Bay after my long commute to work is a pretty long haul. My first preference would be a woman's circle but i'm open to a mixed group. You can email me at crow@well.com.

Elizabeth Fox
San Francisco

Ok, Elizabeth here are some local resources that may help you connect.
Here are some people from the Pagan Web Weaving page.

[NOTE - I edited out any references that didn't include Web pages. For an up to date listing of mailing addresses for SF Bay Pagans, simply click above and follow the instructions.]

amy lynn from san francisco with web page. [Finally got over there. Being a raving animal rights fanatic is helpful in enjoying this page.]

Suzanne from San Francisco.

Covenant of the Goddess in Northern California.

Reclaiming Collective[They throw cool public rituals - A.Lizard.]
They are in their own words, "a collective of San Francisco Bay Area women and men working to unify spirit and politics. Our vision is rooted in the religion and magic of the Goddess -- the Immanent Life Force. We see our work as teaching and making magic -- the art of empowering ourselves and each other. In our classes, workshops, and public rituals, we train our voices, bodies, energy, intuition, and minds. We use the skills we learn to deepen our strength, both as individuals and as community, to voice our concerns about the world in which we live, and to bring to birth a vision of the new culture."

Fog City Nest, 692 San Jose Ave #6, San Francisco CA 94110 is probably a CAW group. [right!]

New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) is a Wiccan tradition founded in the Bay Area. NROOGD holds San Francisco and East Bay Sabbats open to the public. For information, or to be placed on the mailing list, send SASE to Rowan Fairgrove, P.O. Box 90304, San Jose, CA 95109, or email to <nroogd@conjure.com> or <dragonct@ix.netcom.com>. You may also leave a message with your address for Teri at the Ancient Ways Store in Oakland.[They've got to to have a page by now]

Francesca De Grandis, Classes & Workshops in Wicca (Faerie Tradition) & Personal Transformation in san Francisco.

Local up-coming pagan events... [left these in because I plan to find out when the next ones are going to be.]

Lammastide Faire August 1-3, 1997 at the Alice Eastwood campground next to the Muir Woods National Redwood Park in Marin County in Northern California.

The event is sponsored by various Northern California Wiccan and Pagan groups and is shaping up to be a major celebration. So, come and join us.Our website has information on the location, sponsorship, planned rituals and activities, vending, registration and more. We will continue to update progress at the web site right up to the time of the event. So get out of the hot summer sun and into an ancient Redwood forest and join us at Lammastide! QueerSpirit 3,
September 12-14, 1997, near Willits, CA. Queer Spirit is a gathering of queer pagans. "Queer" means gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, two-spirited, questioning.... "Pagan" means wiccan, radical faery, santeria, orisha, ceremonial magick, shamanism, nature spirituality....We Are The Other.


[I'll supplement for Contra Costa County East/Central and come up with other SF Bay resources if time allows... this is here because I saw this post and recognized that Elizabeth isn't the only one who wants to know.]

Curios and Candles, 289 Divisadero. Phone (415) 647-8406. Large book selection, oils, incense, ritual supplies, Tarot readings.

The Sword and the Rose, 85 Carl. Phone (415) 681-5434. Excellent incense, imported oils.

Tools of Magic, l915 Page. Phone (415) 668-3132. Classes, Tarot readings. Proprietor makes her own incenses and oils. Jewelry, small book and magazine section.

Keltic Designs, 3701 Geary Boulevard, Box 302 San Francisco, CA 94118
Tel (415) 668-6968
Fax (415) 668-2321
featuring original artwork by Welsh artist Jen Delyth

Oh yes, I am from San Francisco as well

GeboFactor -- end of forwarded message --

Contra Costa bookstores

Concord The Infinity Bookstore, have to get the new location later.

Can't remember the name of the other one, it's in the phone book.

Walnut Creek I think there are one or two there... more later.

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