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I see the best long term solution to that as space industrialization; moving heavy industry, mining, manufacturing off this planet. (not on my site, haven't gotten around to putting it up yet.) (hmmm... may cut and paste the space-related stuff into a new page)

The basic problem most people who consider the environment haven't gotten is that the Third World residents are going to be giving the rest of us trouble until they have the chance at the kind of lifestyles and comfort level we take for granted. This can *NOT* be done within the scope of available earth resources and leave a world fit to live in. The resources are up there, the problem is to make exploiting them cost-effective and to figure out revenue models that will make sense to those who can put in the capital.

The first step is a space infrastructure in one can realistically do business; a place where there's easy access to industrial parks with life support, power, etc. plus the business services required to do any kind of business. Self-service desktop publishing / shipping / office supply places, electronics parts stores, delicatessans, restaurants, *massage parlors -), basically, if people need it on earth, people will need it up there.

Making that possible requires a skyhook.

* note to non-US readers: in the US, massage parlors are generally fronts for illegal prostitution.

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