Reptilian Associates Year 2000 Food Storage List

Food Storage List

I found this on the Y2K prep mailing list.

Date: Tue, 29 Jun 1999 10:12:49 EDT
Subject: Food Storage for 90 days, family of four

Howdy folks,

More food storage natterings -- an inventory list for a family of four for 90 days, along with notes for expanded ( deluxe ) food storage, especially for those with teens and preteens.

One month for family of four for  90 days

item                    amount                                  

Wheat                   210 lb
           90 lb flour
                                         20 lb bulgur
                                         60 lb pasta
                                         30 lb wheat

Other grains            150 lb
                                         60 lb rice
                                         45 lb oatmeal
                                         30 lb cornmeal
                                         15 lb popcorn

Legumes                  80 lb
                                         30 lb pinto beans
                                         15 lb navy beans
                                          5 lb garbanzo
                                         15 lb kidney beans
                                         l5 lb 15 bean mix
                                         l5 lb lentils

Flavored TVP             15 # assorted
                           (beef, taco, pepperoni, sausage, etc.)

Sweeteners               80 lb           60 lb white sugar
                                          6 lb brown sugar
                                          3 pts of honey
                                          3 lb 10X sugar
                                          3 qt molasses (and/or corn syrup)

Dry milk                        
                                         15 boxes instant milk
                                         18 cans evap milk

Eggs                                      2 #10 cans

Salt                                      6 boxes salt
Fruit                    30 lb
                                          6 lb raisins
                                          6 lb dry apricots
                                          6 lb bannana chips
                                          6 lb dried apples
                                          6 lb dried mixed fruit

Vegetables                                6 cartons (6.5#) instant potatoes
                                          2 cases augratin mixes
                                          other dried vegs as avalble

                                          1 jug beef boullion
                                          1 jug chix boullion
                                          1# ham base (try bulk food stores)
                                          2# onion soup mix

Dried onion                               #10 can dried minced onion

Cheese pdr                                6 bags cheese sauce mix

Tomato pdr                               24 jars of spaghetti sauce

Oil                                       3 cans crisco (one should be
                                          butter flavor)
                                          2 big cans olive oil

Yeast                                     2 lb yeast

Sprouting Seeds                           5 lb alfalfa
                                          3 lb mung beans
                                         10 lb sprouting mix

Fruit Drink mix                          to make 50 gallons

Tea                                     750 tea bags

Vitamins                                360 tabs

Vitamin C                               360 tabs        
    500 mg tabs

Expanded food storage
Goodies to add --

     pudding mixes - 24 packages

     cocoa 2#

     spices -- chili powder, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, vanilla
extract(lots), seasoning salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning,
cumin, poultry seasoning, curry powder, cajun seasoning, worcestershire
sauce, lots of soy sauce, dry mustard, nutmeg, bottled lemon juice,

chocolate chips - anywhere between 12 oz and 5 lb, depending on the
season and your family's habits

ditto for marshmallows

peanut butter - 3  big (40oz) jars or more if major kid fodder ( my kids
eat PB by the spoonful as a snack - also mix with dry milk and honey as
a candy.)

ketchup -- 6 bottles -- kids will eat many things if slathered in

mustard, yellow and Dijon -- big jar of eachMom will eat many things if
doused in Dijon

hot sauce -- 3 bottles of Louisiana Hot sauce. Dad will eat many things
if spotted with hot sauce

canned fruits and pie fillings --at least 48 cans assorted -- comfort
food and great desserts

canned meats --commercial or home canned - 24 cans 12 oz or larger. Also
add canned salmon or tuna. Include Spam, canned hams.

Dry creamer- 3 large jars - use to make hot cocoa mix - stock extra
cocoa powder. also add to sauce mixes using dry milk to make the
mouthfeel "creamier" -- esp.         good in pasta sauces and mac and

mac and cheese or pasta/rice and sauce mixes -- really handy on days
when everyone is dragging. Can be made successfully by 9 year olds on
own in one pot (no drain) method.  Buy the 4/$1 mac on sale and
storebrand or Aldi noodles and jazz up to taste.  Get a bunch -- kids
will eat them anyways.

Ramen as above, great kid and teen fodder, lots of calories, quick and
can be munched cold and crunchy also.  Get a couple of cases and stash
in buckets -- kids will eat them anyways.

Dry cereal - get big bags at restaurant supply or bulk stores or  take
sealed bags out of boxes, label and put in labeled buckets. If cereal
gets stale, it can be refreshed by recrisping for 10 min in a low oven.
"Puppy Chow",  "Rice Krispie Squares" and "Party Mix" are traditional
holiday/birthday fare in our house -- comfort foods

To make dry milk more palatable, add 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tsp vanilla
extract per gallon.  Hershey chocolate syrup in squeeze bottles also
stores well.

Jams and jellies -- 12 10oz jars -- more if your kids are PBJ fiends.

That's all I can think of this morning, but store things your family
LIKES. If you adore kim-chee -- stock up on it or Vegemite or orange
marmalade, or pickled pigs' feet -- you get the idea -- this is YOUR
"hollow log".

Please feel free to share any of this food storage info with your kith
and kin, and folks you don't really know from Adam's housecat if it'll
do any good.

Martha,  the old home economist

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