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We no longer offer Internet-connected appliance security design review services at ReptileLabs, we are now concentrating on advanced alternative energy projects.

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If you noticed weird color changes in your browser when you came to this site, it was a new JavaScript I found, not your computer packing it in. Catch me in e-mail or in the guestbook if you really liked or really hated it.

Repeat visitors will notice that the home page content has been moved to a page without significant graphics or JavaScript. Since the page setup requires frequent reloading, I figured this would speed things up. If you're new here, read on. If you're a repeat visitor, click table of contents now. If you find you want to bookmark this site, please bookmark this page, it's how I keep track of the number of people using this site.

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This site contains information that I consider useful and that you would have to do a lot of random Web searching to dig up for yourself. The home page contains miscellaneous information on various topics. Unlike the other pages here, it isn't especially well focussed. I recommend that the first time user skip the home page internal page links and skim through the page as fast as your reading rate allows so you know approximately what's where. You'll probably find at least one link you really wanted but never had time to find for yourself or worse, didn't know how to find. If you're in a hurry, simply use the links provided below. You can get back to the page menu if you use it by clicking back on your browser.

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